Insurance Planning

Insurance is an important risk management tool that can protect you and your family from financial hardships caused by unplanned events. We work with you to identify your risks and implement a cost-effective risk management program that has been developed with your specific circumstances and requirements in mind. Insurance recommendations provided by us include SAMPOORNA SURAKSHA:

→  LIFE INSURANCE – In the wake of increasing inflation, shift to nuclear families and change in lifestyle patterns, life insurance assumes vital importance. It is paramount for every individual to first adequately insure his life for the financial security of his/her dependants and then proceed to address other aspects of financial planning.

While the loss of life of the family’s bread-winner is irreplaceable, being adequately insured guarantees that the dependents are provided with the much-needed funds to be financially independent and largely keeps the family’s financial plans on track without having to compromise on their standard of living . This aspect of protection is unique to life insurance and hence it should be a key ingredient in an individual’s financial plan. As a risk-management tool, the importance of adequate life insurance in an individual’s financial plan is of critical importance.

→   HEALTH INSURANCE - We all aspire to provide the very best to our families. Nothing is more important to us than their well being. Having the comfort of easy access to the best of healthcare facilities available in the hour of need is something you can achieve with us at wealthhealth. A good health insurance taken with proper planning and cover gives you peace of mind and freedom to protect you and your family.

 → GENERAL INSURANCE - We offer wide range of general insurance covers for individuals, commercial and Industrial segments Individual: insurance for home, motor, travel, personal accident amongst others Commercial and Industrial: Insurance for fire, marine, property, liability, group insurance amongst others. Speciality insurance on special request.

health planning

  • India is the Diabetic & Cardiac capital of the world. 9 crore diabetics in India by 2025*
  • In urban areas, 32.8% of the deaths occur because of Health ailments & 9% due to malignant tumours#
  • 30% of people who suffer heart attack are affected before the age of 40 **
  • Over 8 lakh people die of Cancer every year in India. More than 7 lakh new cancer cases diagnosed in India every year.*
  •  Every 2.5 minutes, a person dies of Kidney disease in India.*

Source: * World Health Organisation **CII Health Care Sector Report # India Today Article, April 12, 2010 

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