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At Wealth Health, our mentor is always making sense of your money. No matter the stage you are in currently, the goal is always the same : a safe, secure, wealthy and to be comfortable retirement. Wealth Health : As a financial instructors, we provides financial advice or guidance to customers for their wealth. At NBB Investment we provide many different services, such as investment, according to customer goal.

Our Services

We help you chose the easiest road,that makes the most of your financial adventure memorable by providing a wide range of services such as

Mutual Fund

We Distribute Mutual Fund products for Short, Medium & Long Term as per one's need. You can choose from various categories as per your requirements.

Life Insurance

Insurance planning is a critical component of a financial plan that includes evaluating risks and determining the proper insurance coverage to mitigate those risks.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance covers the potential expense of hospitalization due to illness or accident. that can protect you and your family from financial hardship.

Private Equity Funds

A private equity fund is a collective investment scheme used for making investments in various equity securities according...

Portfolio Management Service

Create your wealth with the experts in the management of your equity portfolio and want to invest in the most secured and trusted portfolio

Estate Planning

For how an individual's assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after death. It also takes into account, the management of an individual's properties


Financial goals are the priorities and targets you set for how you want to spend and save your money. They aren't one size fits all, because everyone has different priorities. However, if you don't set your financial goals, you'll probably be left wondering where all your money went. Importance of Setting Goals.